Jyrobike: The Easiest Way To Learn How To Ride A Bike

The huge struggle that comes along with learning how to ride a bike, is caused by children trying to find their balance. That’s why parents attach extra wheels to the bike and take them off after a while, which usually leads into their little sweethearts falling off their bikes and lots of crying.

Jyrobike a Kickstarter project that has been launched a few days ago, wants to make the process of learning how to drive a bike as easy as possible for children. You will never need extra wheels with Jyrobike because this bike balances itself!

“As a child starts to tip or wobble, a Jyrobike corrects the steering and stabilises both the bike and the rider. As a result children can learn to ride without training wheels (stabilisers) and in the majority of cases learn to ride in one afternoon! “

The magic behind this self-balancing bike? Gyroscopic precession (or more simple: science!). To learn more about Jyrobike and to fund the Kickstarter project, click here.

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