Magnus Walker, AKA the Urban Outlaw, has to be one of the most seriously die-hard Porsche lovers alive.

Walker has collected over 40 vintage Porsche 911s but heโ€™s taken it beyond simply acquiring the automobiles. He first developed his design aesthetic with his punk clothing brand, Serious Clothing, which started when he bought a $10 pair of alligator pants and was frustrated with the fit; he got out the sewing kit and ended up reselling the pants, which spiraled into the brand that catered to the high-end likes of Madonna and Alice Cooper.

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So, Walker is taking that personal design edge that was celebrated in Serious Clothing and is applying it to vintage 911s, his first love. He restores and refurbishes the cars with paint job and highly stylized interiors. The cars become individualized pieces of artwork under Walkerโ€™s careful hand โ€” and itโ€™s certainty paying off. Bob and Jeanie Ingram, famed car collectors, paid $302,000 for a Walker- customized red, white, and blue 1972 Porsche 911 STR II.

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This rockโ€™n’roller has gone from being a young kid aspiring to working for Porsche (yup, he even did send Porsche a letter as a kid!) to having a working relationship with Porsche, who flew him to their factory in Stuttgart for a tour after seeing the film about him created by Canadian director Tamir Moscovici.

We love Walkerโ€™s entrepreneurial, punk, DIY style โ€” from teaching himself how to design clothes to teaching himself how to work on cars (yes, self-taught mechanic!), his story is inspirational, especially for the car lovers out there. Rumor has it that he may start restoring and refurbishing Porsche 928s โ€” so keep your eyes open!

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