Meet Ritot - The First Projection Watch

Is smartwatch the only latest gadget manufacture?

Can you image a watch that doesn’t have a face?

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to make better use of all that blank space on the back of your hand?

Kuck mal: “Ritot”-Smartwatch projiziert Uhrzeit auf die Hand

The Ritot creates a new unique type of watch. Its watch doesn’t have a dial, but it can project an image of the time and other notifications to the top of your hand.

Ritot is billing itself as the world’s first projection watch. More specifically, a projection watch is a bracelet that uses a pico – projector to display the time as well as other smartphone notifications on the back of your hand. The projection technology allows consumers to use the watch at day and night.  Moreover, the company promises this technology is safe for the skin and health.

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Tecnoneo: El Smartwach Ritot proyecta la hora sobre tu mano

Ritot’s design focuses on simplicity. The projection watch looks like a fitness band. It doesn’t have any button, except for one sensitive button helps you manipulate the projection.

The watch is easy to use – Tap the Ritot bracelet or simply shake your hand, then the current time will be displayed on your hand for 10 seconds.

Ritot - el Smartwatch Futurista - YouTube

Ritot also communicates with your smartphone and display notifications on your hand. Sync the Ritot with your smartphone and you can see a variety of notifications on the back of your hand, including text messages, reminders, incoming calls, weather alerts and emails.

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Ritot, el smartwatch que se proyecta en tu mano | Tecnología ...

The Ritot has 150 hours (6.25 days) of battery life in projection mode and one-month in standby mode. So what about the charger? It is wireless. The wireless charger is a base pad with an interface. Projections are customizable – they are available in 20 different colors. You can use the base pad to change the projection color. Also, the base can also act as an alarm clock.

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Tecnoneo: El Smartwach Ritot proyecta la hora sobre tu mano

Ritot is currently working with Indiegogo, a famous international crow-funding site. So far, Ritot has easily surpassed its initial crowdfunding goal of $50,000. With one month to go in their funding campaign, Ritot has raised more than $200,000. Thus, we can expect Ritot to make the jump from concept to production.

Ritot opens the new generation of watches. If you are interested in exploring more about such an interesting invention, click here to stop by Ritot’s website.

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