MicrobeScope: A Telescope For Your iPhone

If you’re interested in the wonderful world of biology and like to observe plants and other minuscule creatures of Mother Nature, it’s handy to have a microscope to do so. I know what you’re thinking right now: “How am I supposed to carry around a microscope everywhere I go?”. That might get a little clumsy.

The MicrobeScope however, is a pocket-sized microscope that is compatible with your iPhone and it’s easy to carry along.

“The MicrobeScope is a very powerful fixed focus instrument capable of viewing sub 1micron features of individual bacteria and other life forms at the physical limits of optical resolution. It works great in the field, in the lab, or at home yet is simple enough for a child to use. It doesn’t require any supplies like glass slides, and there are no knobs to adjust. “

With the MicrobeScope you can also film what you’re seeing on your screen and take slow-motion pictures of the microbes moving at an ultra-high speed.

The MicrobeScope, a powerful pocket-sized microscope, reveals the hidden world of microbes and shares video via iPhone compatibility.

For more information about the MicroScobe or to fund their KickStarter page, click here.