MixStik, the Magic Stick for Perfect Cocktails

Have you ever had a few friends over for drinks, only to realize you know next to nothing about making cocktails? MixStik is here to help.

MixStik describes itself as “the connected device to help everyone make perfect drinks. Cocktails are now as easy to make as they are to drink.” With $87,414 pledged on its Kickstarter, MixStik has clearly found a fan base among people who are looking to make tasty and easy cocktails. So where did the whole idea come from?

How MixStik Started


Co-founders Charlotte and Raphael Terrier wanted to make a product that was “fun, new, and completely easy to use.” Raphael describes the duo as “long-time cocktail enthusiasts” who found that the drinks were too complicated to prepare, and they wanted a solution. They tried dozens of prototypes until they found what Raphael called “a simple and elegant idea.” They tested it in group settings and received a great deal of feedback to improve the prototype until they finally had the final product: MixStik.

How MixStik Works


First, you turn on MixStik and connect it to your smartphone using Bluetooth. You browse cocktails on your phone and select which drink you want to make with MixStik. LEDs will light up on the MixStik and you simply follow the instructions on the app. Whatever type of cocktail you selected to make, the MixStik will light up with unique colors that correspond to the ingredients you will use to make your drink. You pour each ingredient enough to cover the amount of LEDs that light up, then you stir using the stick – it’s as easy as that. The video on MixStik’s Kickstarter page describes it as “a ruler for ingredients.”

MixStik isn’t just for smartphones, either: you can even connect it with your Apple Watch. MixStik features a full size USB port, so charging its battery couldn’t be easier – you can even use your phone charger. MixStik has several special features that really make it stand out: you can select how many drinks you want to make and you can even tell it specifically what ingredients you have at home. It will then tell you what types of cocktails you can choose from using those ingredients. You can even drive up to 5 sticks using one app.

How to Get it

MixStik sold itself in its original KickStarter video as an affordable way to make cocktails, and it has stayed true to its word. According to the Kickstarter page, MixStik will cost only $59 – this strikes us as a small price to pay for easy cocktails at all your future gatherings. But you can even save $30 off of this retail price by pledging to back the company on KickStarter – a pledge many have clearly already taken.

Full scale production will begin this January, with shipping rewards starting in March. Will you preorder MixStik and use it for your parties? Or do you think it’s an unnecessary fad? Let us know in the comments.

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