Neutralize The Odor Of Flatulence With The Flatulence Underwear

What is more embarrassing than accidentally breaking wind in an closed area where everyone can smell it? Probably, not a lot.

Firebox has created the perfect solution for this: The Flatulence Underwear that covers all the smelly odors of flatulence. Seems ridiculous to you? You would be surprise how handy it would come in!

The Flatulence Underwear feels as comfortably as any other underwear but has 1 major benefit. By using the same technology as in chemical warfare suits, the Flatulence Underwear can mask smells that are 200 times worse than the average fart.

So now there is no more reason to hold it in: let it all out! We assure you, The Flatulence Underwear will be your new best friend!

To get your own or for more information, click here

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