Office Technology for the Innovative Workspace

Technology makes the world go around, especially in the work environment. Here are the office technologies that maximize efficiency and fun.

Amazon Dash

Never let your office run low on supplies! Get Amazon Dash buttons to buy tissues, office drinks, office snacks and more at the click of a button. All you have to do is purchase a Dash that’s set up to your company account. Whether putting your office assistant’s desk, or creating a wall of these in the kitchen for everyone’s use, restocks will feel like less of a chore (and more like magic).

Bluetooth Speakers

Whether for the waiting room or for employees, provide bluetooth speakers so people can take turns using their devices. Read our full article on bluetooth and waterproof speakers for suggestions.

Google Chrome Cast

chrome cast

When presenting to your team on a TV/monitor, use Google Chrome for quick screen sharing. It will look more professional and high tech than an HDMI cord. Although, we do recommend having one around the office incase the Chrome cast needs some troubleshooting).


Next time you walk into a meeting, leave the printed copies at home. Bring iPads with saved presentations so your prospective or existing clients can swipe along on this impressive technology.

Hue Lights

Have full control over the office lighting with Hue Lights. Use the app to choose from colored lights or ranges of white, which can improve mood!

Amazon Echo

Running a smart office? Get a voice controlled assistant like Amazon’s Alexa to take full advantage of your technology (music, lights, uber calling and more). Though, if someone in the office’s name is Alexa, we recommend having the device respond to a different name.

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