Outdoor Halloween Lights on Amazon

It’s that time of the year to get spooky! Some of you are eager and already go way ahead of the pack during September, but for most of us, October kicks off Halloween season. This year, it’s time to stop being jealous of the neighbors’ awesome decorations and lighting. Instead, you are going to one-up them. We found the best outdoor Halloween lights that will make your house stand out from the rest in your neighborhood.

The Best Outdoor Halloween Lights on Amazon

YUNLIGHTS Halloween String Lights – White Ghosts, Orange Jack O’Lanterns, Purple Bats

To make your house look great with outdoor Halloween lights, you can’t limit yourself to only one color or design. This string light from YUNLIGHTS gives you a variety of different colors and also has jack o’lanterns, bats, and ghosts, which are as Halloween as it gets. Hang these on the outside of the house, or on trees/bushes in the yard.

YUNLIGHTS Halloween String Lights – 11ft 30 Purple Spiders Lights

Because the ghosts, bats, and jack o’lanterns aren’t enough, you can also throw some purple spiders on your house. If you are not feeling all of those, then this could serve as a simple replacement that shows consistency. Like the string lights above, you can put these on the house, around the yard, or any space not taken by other lights.

Orange Lighted, Transparent Skeleton With Hands

You have string lights to put around the outside of your house and the yard. Now you need other lighting props. It’s the classic skeleton coming out of the ground. The trick-or-treaters will appreciate this one on their way to your door for candy.

Peep n’ Peepers Flashing Eyes Halloween Lights

These outdoor Halloween lights will make your front yard feel like a cartoon or movie. The peeping eyes lighting up in the darkness will surprise those passing by, making them feel like they’re always being watched. Now that’s spooky.

LED Light Projector Halloween Decorations

This might be the coolest of the bunch. The LED light projector is what it sounds like. Make your house look like it’s crawling with giant spiders. You can change the colors and also have the option to project a motion/wave-like effect. Don’t worry about bringing it in during rain or snow (hopefully it’s not snowing in October), it’s weather resistant.

Pumpkin String Lights, 20 ft with 30 LEDs

More string lights! For those are eco-friendly, these lights are for you. It is solar powered and has a built-in rechargeable battery, so they’ll be shining brightly all night. The string lights also have various lighting modes including flashing, twinkling, firefly flashing, or on at all times.