Amazon Pet Toys: Dogs, Cats, and More

When pets get bored, they tend to get into trouble. These Amazon pet toys will save your important property from being torn to shreds by your furry friend.

8 Amazon Bathroom Accessories

Some of these 8 Amazon bathroom accessories are essential, like a plunger and toilet bowl brush. Others are fun accessories, like a toilet night light.

Air Dock Wirelessly Car Dock

The Air Dock might be the best charger ever. The micro suction foam in the dock, sucks your phone (or tablet!) onto it and charges it wirelessly. Thanks to the magnets in the foam, your phone stays perfectly in place while your driving that bumpy road. The Air Dock costs $63. For more information, click …

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3D Printed Fashion

Since the rise of 3D printers, there have been many great creations using this technology. And fashion is no exception. Skirts, tops, shoes and all kinds of fashion items have been created with 3D printing. Here are some great 3D fashion designs! Hoon Chung, student at the London Fashion College, created these colorful 3D wedges. …

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