Personalized Temporary Tattoo Machine is Here

It is highly possible that there is at least one moment in your life that you wanted to have a tattoo. You might have already told yourself a million times that having a tattoo is fine. It does not hurt that much (maybe?) and people won’t judge you if you have one. However, you still hesitate when you stand in front of the tattoo shop. Maybe someone should design a machine for temporary tattoos? And yes, here your dream comes dream. Let me introduce you Prinker – a personalized, temporary tattoo machine.

Personalized Temporary Tattoo Machine: Prinker

“Prinker allows you to choose ( Gallery function ) or create ( Sketcher function ) any design and apply it directly to your skin. “

At a Glance

  • Unlimited: you can get unlimited numbers of designs with Prinker
  • 3 seconds: it only takes 3 seconds to print the temporary tattoo on your body (does not hurt!)
  • Full-color: Prinker can print images in full-color
  • Ink: the ink is made from certified cosmetics ingredients
  • 1-3 days: the temporary tattoo lasts 1-3 days, so basically you can have cool designs every day
  • H2O: the designs are waterproof and soap-washable
  • 1500: an average number of images you can get
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Prinker Family

  • Prinker Red: sport fanatic
  • Prinker Blue: party animal
  • Prinker Yellow: kidz bestie
  • Pinker Black: lettering master
  • Prinker White: artistic rebel

Past Events Collaboration

  • Ultra Korea 2017, one of the leading electronic music festival
  • IFA 2016 in Berlin, Europe’s biggest tech show
  • SLUSH 2016 in Helsinki, Europe’s biggest start-up event
  • CES in Las Vegas, the most exciting Consumer Electronics Show
  • Rio 2016, Rio Olympics Games
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Currently, Prinker is targeted to business users only. You need to contact the Prinker team to get the specific quotes based on events size and special needs. The consumer version Prinker is still under development, no information for the price, release date, or features yet.

personalized temporary tattoo - prinker

This is FUN! Sad that the consumer one has not come out yet, but I believe the future is coming soon. Easy washed and with so much more design options. You can finally get cool tattoo designs without having tears. Let’s be excited!

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