PetBot: The Robot for Pet Selfies and Treats

PetBot, a hot indiegogo campaign, totes itself as: “Petcam For People, Smartphone For Pets”! Currently, the campaign has raised $23,401 of it’s $800,000 goal – in just 8 days! We expect this little device to be a successful Indiegogo campaign. The device itself plans to ship in early to mid 2016 (about May 2016, as of now.) It has been a huge work in progress for the team, and now it is finalized!

PetBot is a device where you can treat your pet remotely from your phone or computer, via an app. It has a camera, which allows the owner to check up on their pet and reward them with a treat. The device is a cute “robot” box, which can be placed on a surface or mounted to a wall within your home, for your pet to interact with. Although this seems to be made for dogs, it is actually not that limited to specific types of pets. The team over at PetBot have tested with dogs, cats, and rabbits — and are looking for feedback about any other pets that benefit from the device!


The concept is simple, but brilliant – and they have some amazing marketing on their side too. It’s not just a treat dispenser machine, but a selfie sender as well! The camera has a built-in “pet face recognigion” software, so if your pet happens to approach the PetBox, it will snap a selfie and send along to you!

PetBot is the first smart device that lets your pet send you a selfie and allows you to engage with your pet remotely.  It captures pet moments at the right time and shares these moments with you when you want them.  PetBot is the only product that uses “petificial intelligence” to detect, record, share and notify you when your pet is active.  PetBot is for all pets and has been successfully trialed with dogs, cats and even a rabbit! Try out pet recognition here!



Check out the Indiegogo to watch videos of the device, the story, and more! Also, if you have pets, this might be one campaign to get behind! Learn more about PetBot and their updates at their Facebook as well.

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