Polanter Vertical Pole Planter

Do you remember the article about the Nourishmat we wrote that’s perfect for urban gardening? If you liked that concept but think the mat still takes too much space, you’ll love the Polanter Vertical Pole Planter.

This compact vertical planter is more “chic” and is certainly more subtile if you plan on doing some urban gardening. With its cylindrical shape, you can hang it up and plant a few herbs in it.

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And with the integrated water reservoir, you don’t have to worry much about taking care of your plants, just enjoy the freshness and goodness of your home made organic herbs!

Since the Planter has twelve holes that each are 1/2” wide, you can plant 12 different kinds of herbs. There’s also a water hose connector so you can easily fill up the water reservoir. And if you’d like to hang up the Polanter Vertical Pole Planter horizontally instead of vertically, just flip it over!

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Click here for more information or to order the Polanter Vertical Pole Planter for $34.95.

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