Polaroid Prints With The Impossible Instant Lab

Two reasons to print your iPhone pictures:

1. They’re too pretty too just be there in your phone, for nothing.

2. Polaroids are back!

With The Impossible Instant Lab, it’s “impossible” easy to print your favorite pictures fast and easy – from a real Polaroid!

There’s no need to pay a service to print and send the pictures to you, now you can get your own Polaroid device that easily prints it for you. Just place your phone with the picture you want to print on the Impossible Instant Lab cradle, press the eject button and watch your Polaroid picture being printed for you in a matter of seconds! Yes, it’s that easy!

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impossible instant lab turns iPhone images into polaroid prints ...

The camera uses a four element coated glass lens to let your iPhone photo develop inside the layers of the integral film. There’s no spraying ink on the paper, like most cameras do.

For $399.89 The Impossible Instant Lab is yours! Click here for more information or to purchase your own.

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