Make Noise: Portable Music Players

There are few things in this world better than music. One of those few things, without a doubt, is music on the go. Okay, so it’s still technically music but you get the point.

A rising player in the everything compact, light, and movable, world that we live in is: portable music players.

Not only were portable music players a hot buy during the latest gift-giving season, they are also a must have gift in high demand year round. Can you think of a season when you wouldn’t have a use for music at the palm of your hand? I can’t.

With that being said, today I would like to show you four different portable music players that make the perfect partner when it comes to your mobile life and your must have tunes. Prepare yourself because these brands don’t mess around, boring speakers are officially a thing of the past.

1. Jambox by Jawbone

Introducing the Jambox. The Jambox is a wireless Bluetooth speaker with 3D sound. The speaker is available in a mini and large size.

A new feature of the Mini Jambox is ‘Multi Play,’ where users can connect two speakers and double their sound level! Users can even take calls from their Jambox, think of it as a loud speaker phone for the entire room, that can be a good or bad thing if your not careful!

The latest Mini Jambox shown below measures less than an inch thick and weighs a mere 9oz, talk about portable. The Mini Jambox is available in 9 different color options with 5 different choices of design. The Mini Jambox is currently available at a reduced price of $129.00 on

portable music players

The Jambox is also available in a large version, with colors made to order for your personal style. With one single charge, your Big Jambox will give you 15 hours of playtime, yes I said one single charge. Although quite larger than the mini Jambox, the Big Jambox is still small enough for easy transport. Thanks to it’s duel passive bass radiators and precision tuned drivers, this portable music player gives users huge and precise sound. The large Jambox is available on for $199.00.

portable music players

2. Beats Pill+ by Dr. Dre

With makers claiming that it’s sound is much bigger than it’s size, I give you the Pill+ by Beats. This portable music player comes with Bluetooth pair and play capabilities, 12 hours of battery with one charge, and a built in speaker phone. The Pill+is compact and round in design, making an easy gadget for grasping on the run. The Beats Pill+, which has now partnered with Apple, can be purchased via the App Store for $229.95. The pill-like speaker is currently available in black and white models.portable music players

3. UE Roll

What does UE stand for you may wonder? The answer is Ultimate Ears. The UE Roll  is a sphere-like, perfect size, 360 degree sound, portable Bluetooth wireless speaker. The UE Roll comes in colors for everyone, the design is fun, loud, and energetic, just like the adventurer in all of us. Check it out below.

portable music players

The UE Speaker can be purchased on for $99.00 on Hang it here, clip it there, off you go with this portable music player. Don’t worry, its more than waterproof, in fact, makers of the UE speaker call it “party proof.” How’s that for piece of mind?

portable music players

This portable music player is the ultimate buddy when it comes to all things adventure. Take it to the mountains, take it to the oceans, while your at it, take it into the oceans! The UE Roll even sits perfectly in it’s own float to enjoy the waves with you, sold separately.

portable music players

To all of you modern consumers out there, music on the go is on the rise. There is nothing a little music can’t fix, and today there is nothing we can’t do without music right at the reach of our finger tips.

Do you have portable music player or speaker that can compete with our favorites? Comment Below!

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