A Portable Printer for Smartphones

People are posing in front of smartphones rather than traditional cameras. With this trend, printed pictures have become less popular. However, the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 Photo Printer allows people to print from their smartphones instantly. Androids and Apple devices can send a picture to the printer using Wi-Fi to print an image in approximately 16 seconds.

The portable device has a variety of frames to interest consumers. One frame indicates the time, weather, temperature and humidity. This “Real Time Template” may be most appropriate for remembering adventurous hikes or camping trips. Another unique frame is the “SNS Template” that prints the photo and  the number of social media likes from Facebook or Instagram. A square frame allows users to add captions. Additionally, the seasonal frames incorporate festive themes. Users can also edit the photos using a filter correction or applying a black and white or sepia effects. Additional filters are in the works, but people can also the edit the picture beforehand with other apps.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 Printer: Amazon.com.mx: Electrónicos

While the app is free, the printer costs around $150. Packets of ten prints are sold separately. The printing technology is similar to that of a Polaroid, but serves modern purposes.

What other features would you like the device to offer? Do you still have a desire to print pictures?