Running Shoes of the Future with Nike Zoom Pegasus 33

You know what they say, if you’re not first you’re last. Well, that’s not actually entirely true, but when it comes to running shoes and the need for speed, look no further. None other than the infamous Nike has begun work on their next great contribution to athletic apparel, this time, with the Zoom Pegasus 33 running sneaker.

According to a Nike representative, customers can expect the release of the most current version of the Pegasus 32 at the end of May 2016.

So, stay in your seat! The 33′s aren’t on the market just yet, but we’re here to tell you to brace yourself and get pumped because we can expect to see the launch of the Zoom Pegasus 33 in 2016.

Check it out below.

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Zoom Pegasus 33

For those of you who may be new to sneaker shopping, Nike’s Zoom Pegasus sneaker line is the company’s longest running performance running shoe franchise.  According to Mark Parker, the third ever and current CEO of Nike (in place since 2006), the fascination with the Pegasus line began with a simple idea in mind.

That idea was, “to design a more accessibly priced every person’s Air training shoe.”

Well, lets just say the idea took-off.

From a visual perspective, the Pegasus 33 sneaker will look much like its forerunners, the Pegasus 31 and 32. As usual, you will see the notorious swoosh making an appearance on the side panel by heel of the sneaker. The shoe will be available in a wide variety of colors, helping us make our running partners personalized, as Nike so successfully helps us to do. Did I mention it’s also a good-looking shoe? Here is the current model, Pegasus 32, can you notice the differences between the two?

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Pegasus 32

The shoe will come equipped with Flyywire material, for users ultimate and responsive support. The current models of the sneaker are known for being lightweight and this tremendously supportive feature, specifically in the heel. According to, the Zoom Air unit in the heel of the 32 Pegasus “combines pressurized Nike Air and internal fibers to create cushioning that allows the runner to spring back fast.”

It’s features like these that spark our excitement and heighten our anticipation for the release of the Pegasus 33. Where will our shoes take us next?


To give you a comparable price gauge, the Pegasus 32 can be purchased for about $85 to $150. Yes, that is a large range, but different athletes may call for different accessories, styles, colors, or personalization features, you name it.  Users can expect to budget around this price for the 33, although the initial launch of the running shoes may call for increased prices.

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The goal of the Pegasus line is to create smooth transitions for walkers, runners, and athletes everywhere. Interested in these running shoes? You should be, like Nike always says, if you have a body, you are an athlete. Let us know what you think of this up and comer! Comment below.

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