Scuba Scooter that Helps You to Fly in the Ocean

We all have dreamed to see the undersea world. The lovely creatures, the mystery treasure stories, and the lovely Titanic movie. We have all sorts of imagination for that unknown world. What’s there beneath the water? Finally, here comes a scuba scooter that can help us to go deeper to explore the ocean. AquaJet H2: a new generation of underwater scooter. You can not only dive into the sea but also fly in there too!

Scuba Scooter: AquaJet

“Dive deep, swim faster, surf the waves or simply play with this 3 speed, multifunctional, aero dynamic, water entertainment super toy.”


  • Wing design: helps to balance and control the move
  • Travel speed: 1.875 mile/h, 3.75 mile/h, 5.623 mile/h
  • Diving depth: 60 ft (18m), and the vast majority of marine species live at depths less than 60ft
  • Low noise: offer you the best scene without disrupting the ocean life
  • Compatibility: you can mount your GoPro on it and record all the best moments
  • Battery life: you can play with it over 100 minutes between charges
  • 5 safety protection: machine overheat, overvoltage, high outside temperature, overcurrent, and low battery voltage
  • Alarm alert: the alarm will keep you informed for any system alerts
  • Positive Buoyancy: the Aquajet can float very quickly if you point it up, perfect for emergency situations

scuba scooter - design

What’s in the Box

scuba scooter - in the box

AquaJet H2×(1) Portable Bag×(1) Inflator Pump×(1) Battery×(1) Charger×(1) Extra Sealing Ring×(2) Allen Wrench×(1) Swimming Cap×(1) Clump Weight×(1)

Behind-the-Scene story

  • 3 years in development, from Oct. 2015 to Jul. 2018
  • The project is led by a well-experienced supply chain manager who used t work at Philips, PowerOne, T-Mobile, and WhirlPool.
  • The team has professional divers and employees from international information communications technology (ICT) firms.
  • Also owns an aerospace lab and institution.
  • Received valuable feedbacks from 70 professional divers and 200 regular users.

Price (future retail price $1,599)

  • Launch Special: $699 with free shipping, 56.29% off
  • Super Early Bird: $799, 50.03% off
  • Kickstarter Special: $1,299, 18.76% off
  • Couple Pack x 2: $1,398, 56.29% off
  • Group Pack x 5: $2,995, 62.54% off

You still have 12 days left to back up the campaign, and AquaJet will start to deliver this scuba scooter staring this July. Will you buy one?

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