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All the major players in the technology domain are looking for ways to automate our living spaces, for increased comfort and convenience. There are already various home appliances and devices that can be remotely controlled, but for now there are just a few options of the kind and they cannot be afforded by everyone.

So, how about if you could simply transform any surface in your home or office in a remote control device? Yes, this can be done with the help of an incredible device. A team of developers found the answer to home automation, starting a Kickstarter campaign for having the possibility of starting a production line for their new product. Is it worth it? Let’s just have a closer look at it.

Knocki is the name of the device that will make any type of surface smarter. It is a small and elegant device that can be mounted on any type of surface you want, programming it with the help of a user-friendly mobile app to the tasks you want it to perform. It can turn on and off your lights, TV, can turn on your music player, control the thermostat in your home, put your alarm clock on the snooze mode, start your coffee machine, and many more.

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How complicated is to use Knocki? It is not complicated at all. To activate the device and make it perform its functions, it is enough to lightly tap or knock on the surface you had it installed in. You can use various knocking patterns so that it will make the difference between one command and another. It is more straightforward that remote control devices that use the sound of clapping or voice control to perform various tasks.

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Smart Surface

You should also know that Knocki is already compatible with other brands like Nest, Philips Hue, Lifx, Samsung Smart Things, IFTTT, and others. Can’t find your smartphone? Just knock on the surface Knocki is installed with and summon the “Find Phone” function. In an instant, Knocki will perform a call on your cell phone, letting you know where it is, this is just a mere example of what Knocki can do.

It works exclusively on the vibrations in the surrounding environment, so you can forget all about voice commands. If you ever tried such a device, you probably know just how frustrating is to hear the device telling you that it didn’t understand your command, because we all have our own way of speaking.

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So, how about forget all that and enjoy a device that is simple to use, is multifunctional, and looks great in your home.

Smart Surface

If you want Knocki delivered at your door, you should start supporting the campaign started on Kickstarter. You will find there an eloquent video of how Knocki can be used and what can you do with it. But again, these are just a few examples of what this amazing device can do. If you like the idea, just choose to contribute and make this product available for yourself and for others as well.

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