The Smart Water Bottle Everyone Needs

There’s a simple formula to weight loss: eat less, exercise more. However, in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle the one thing every creature needs to survive can go missing- water. HidrateMe‘s Kickstarter campaign introduces a smart water bottle to track your water consumption and remind you to drink more.

The reusable water bottle, made from BPA free plastic that’s dishwasher safe, encapsulates a water sensor. With Bluetooth technology, the sensor pairs with an app to monitor water consumption, incorporate outdoor factors (temperature, humidity, elevation) that may alter water goals, and sync with popular fitness wearables.

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The water bottle, available in five colors, also glows to remind users to drink up! But don’t fear, the battery can last up to a year and can be easily replaced. While HidrateMe already reached it’s fundraising goal, the Kickstarter page still offers many packages for different costs. Both the water bottle and the app will be ready by winter 2015.

You may know the benefits of drinking water, but what about the benefits of HidrateMe water bottle? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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