Tech Christmas gifts for Ladies Dancing

We all know that women can be picky, especially when it comes to what they want for Christmas. Erase all of your holiday worries about getting your girl the perfect present with some of these awesome tech Christmas gifts just for women!


Elemoon is following the trend of wearable tech, but they are taking it up a notch. Powered by the incredible imaginations by the designers at

Elemoon, the jewelry that is so smart it can change its color and brightness to match any outfit. Using the Elemoon app, the owner of an Elemoon bracelet, necklace, or other jewelry item can customize the piece to match the wearer’s outfit. The owner can also sync the jewelry to a phone in order to receive calls, texts, and notifications on the Elemoon jewelry.  Talk about one of the most awesome tech Christmas gifts on the market this year!

Bracelets begin at $400 and are currently the only piece available online. The rest of the Elemoon line will soon be ready for purchase online according to Elemoon designers.


SmartScents is one of the most innovate tech Christmas gifts this season. An Australian-based invention, SmartScents promises a no liquid oil, no flame way to scent your home, office, or even your car with a variety of scents sure to please any woman (or man!).

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The smart sticks are about a foot long, rolled paper stick that guarantees scent for up to 30 days. Owners can use one or two sticks for a small area, or three to five sticks for larger rooms. Consumers can mix and match the 14 scents with any of the amazing choices such as Cashmere, Golden Birch, and Emerald Balsam. For just $25, you can purchase a five pack of SmartScents that are sure to continue to give long after the holidays are done.


Similar to the fantastic Elemoon bracelet, Miragii is tech Christmas gift that will wow the women in your life. Miragii is the world’s first smart necklace that will actually project texts and calls onto your hand.

After syncing your phone with the Miragii necklace, whenever you receive a text or call, Miragii will alert you, and allow you to project either the text message or caller ID onto the palm of your hand. Miragii also features the ability to listen to music via Bluetooth, and will even charge your Bluetooth earpiece. For $400, a variety of designs and colors means that you can make this gift trendy and personal.

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Constant multitaskers, women constantly face the issue of running out of makeup and running out of battery power. I’mUp is the first blush

I'mup innovative makeup on kickstarter by MElely srl - issuu

palette that also serves as a way to recharge a smartphone using a USB port. Even the blush is unique: meteorite powder mixes in with the blush to provide an anti-age serum from outer space. When that runs out, you can refill the pan with more meteorite powder or your blush of choice! For $88, one of the hottest and most functional tech Christmas gifts can bring joy to that trendy woman in your life.

Introducing I'mUp, An Innovative Accessory That Crosses Tech ...


Kate Spade is a fashion designer whose name is renowned all over the world. She is known for elevating fashion to levels never thought possible. From her elegant dresses to quintessential handbags, Kate Spade is a legend.

Small Harmony Black Leather Tote: Purse that Charges Phone | Everpurse

Kate Spade continues her reign on advancing the fashion industry by creating a line of tech Christmas gifts in the form of a handbag that will charge any model iPhone with no wires. There is a SmartPocket sewn into the Everpurse that allows you to simply click your phone into the pocket and have your phone begin recharging. Kate Spade promises that the Everpurse charging battery lasts for years so that you go worry-free on your travels. Ranging from $198 to $698, you have a wide variety of sizes and colors to choose from!

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Ringly, like other amazing tech Christmas gifts listed in this article, combines the art of fine jewelry with the functionality of technology. A beautiful gold ring with a technology-infused stone in the center, Ringly allows its wearer to sync a smartphone to its own processing system. The wearer will be informed about calls, texts, emails, and other push notifications thanks to the subtle vibrations and different colored blinking lights. At $195, you could not find a more stylish and useful tech Christmas gift for your girl.

Ringly: Joyería Inteligente y elegante para las chicas – QiiBO

No more panic about what to get that smart, wonderful woman in your life. Any of these ideas are sure to please. Any questions about the products? Let us know in the comments!

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