Technology and Leisure

The Smart Water Bottle Everyone Needs

There’s a simple formula to weight loss: eat less, exercise more. But people still struggle to drink enough water, until HidrateMe’s smart water bottle.

Sound Blasteraxx AXX 200

The Sound Blaster isn’t just a speaker like the many other ones out there. This one will actually give you the total sound experience with its SB-Axx1 chipset, a new generation multi-core audio processor. Your music, movies and even calls have never sound like this before! There are 2 speakers, vertically integrated in one chassis, …

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What technology means to the Millennials

Looking at the timeline of technology inventions and social media development, you will know how technology grew alongside with the Millennial generation. The world’s first generation commercial cell phone, weighing almost two pounds, was a big birthday gift for a high school teenager on his/her16th birthday; then the iPhone emerged as they celebrated his/her 25th. …

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Podcast Recording Equipment

For those who are unsure how recording a podcast works, this is the basic podcast recording equipment that is essential to getting your podcast started.

Make Noise: Portable Music Players

Add music to every moment. Take it here, there, anywhere. With portable music players, the revolution of music on the go is here. Task: make some noise.

A Portable Printer for Smartphones

Print images from your Apple or Android smartphone using the portable Fujifilm Instax Share Printer. Add frames or filters- then it’s ready in 16 seconds.