Tens: Life Through A Filter

What’s the best part about Instagram? Exactly, the filters. I bet most pictures you post on the popular social media platform all have a nice filter to it to make it just that much cuter – right?

What if you could make your world as cute as it appears to be on Instagram? Everything you see would have a retro filter, would that sound something you’d like? Then you should definitely check out Tens, the latest project on IndieGoGo that really caught my attention. Ok, so what is Tens?

“Tens is a sunglasses brand with a simple ambition; to make your day look ten times better. Through our custom lens tint we aim to add an extra burst of color to your summer.” 

Simply said, Tens are sunglasses that have an integrated filter which makes your view just so much better than through regular sunglasses! Instead of blocking out the sunlight with cold colors – like normal sunglasses would do – Tens works with the warm colors of the sun, which give an amazing color palette to your view, but at the same time still doing what sunglasses are supposed to do!


The project had an immense response on IndieGoGo: until now 170,109 GBP has been raised while the initial goal was only 9,400 GBP.

For more information and to order your Tens sunglasses (don’t wait too much longer, they’re flying out the doors!), click here.

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