The Body Dryer Makes Towels Redundant

If the average American household consists of 4 people, and they all use a new towel every two days, the cost of washing those towels every week adds up quickly. Also, think about how many bacteria are hidden in the towels hanging on the rack in your bathroom, you’d be surprised!

Tyler Overk had the mission to create a product to dry bodies in less than 30 seconds without spreading any bacteria. That’s how he came up with The Body Dryer.

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The Body Dryer | Indiegogo

The Body Dryer is a scale and body dryer in one. Just step on it, choose the setting you prefer (cold or warm air) and wait 30 seconds. After that – tadah!- you’re completely dry! Even women with long hair will be amazed how fast their hair will dry.

The IndieGoGo goal of $50,000 is widely reached (more than the double!), and The Body Dryer is momentarily going in production.

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The body dryer, disrupting towels - Business Insider

For more information or to order your own Body Dryer, click here.

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