The SleepBox isn’t a concept, it’s a solution!


Have you ever felt so tired of having to wait way too many hours at the airport, at the hospital, or at the railway station and there’s no place to sleep? Sometimes we just need to have a break at work to recharge the energy or to relax, so we feel can feel fresh and ready again to continue the day.

The SleepBox is a new concept that allows people to find a peaceful place to sleep in the most crowded and noisy places.  It has a modern design and it is equipped with everything you’ll need to get a comfortable rest.

This practical concept is like a micro-hotel, and inside the box you’ll find a bed with a cupboard under it to put your luggage, an alarm clock, Wi-Fi access, a desk to work, and a TV with children’s gaming facilities. The Box also has a ventilation system and it is sound-proof.

It has the perfect size and it is usually made for one person, but it is also available in different sizes (with a single, double or even triple bed). The best part is that you can rent it easily, you can decide the time that you want to stay and it costs around $15 per hour.

The Sleepbox is adapted at today’s needs, that’s why I love this idea! I will definitely use it if I had to.

Michelle Flores Lugos is a contributor to Modern Consumers and shares her love for gadgets with you. As a fashion-addict and a trend-follower she is always looking for the latest information.

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