Turn any Wall into Interactive Touchscreen with TouchPico

Pitching a presentation to a room usually requires a laptop and a clunky projector, while what you really want is the interactivity of your smart devices. The technology today has certainly made such wish come true – a new project on Indiegogo, TouchPico, can turn any flat wall into a giant touchscreen display.


TouchPico, the pocket-size handheld Android-run projector, can project any content you want to show off – a slideshow of your vacation pictures; a document that you need to collaborate on; or the latest episode of your favorite TV shows.


What makes TouchPico stand out is its capability to turn just about any surface into an interactive touchscreen through the use of a special infrared stylus that can detect where it is on the projected image, and relay that information wirelessly to the device. In another word, the stylus allows you to play games, do editing and control applications like you would with your finger on your smartphone or tablet.

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TouchPico is made for all kinds of people – businessmen, teachers, families, children, gamers and even exercise enthusiasts. Indiegogo provides a list of how you can make use of this smart little projector:

Business: no longer do you need an expensive, non-portable projector or confined to your laptop screen to present your latest proposal. With TouchPico, you will be able to do presentation at anytime!

Education: the easiest solution for classrooms across the world. The portable device can be transferred from classroom to classroom, eliminating costly hardware upgrades.

Gaming: wish Angry Bird’s screen could be bigger? Done. With TouchPico, you will be able to play games by simply touching the wall.

Creativity: no need for a whiteboard anymore, simply project the white-board on to any surface and create your next big idea!

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Entertainment: project your favorite movie in your child’s bedroom, while camping or on vacation. All in one, no extra pieces needed.

Physical activity: Practice that yoga pose or golf stance with an enlarged video tutorial!

 TouchPico is a respectable projector for its size. While the 854 x 480 resolution is on the small side, the maximum picture size of 80 inches is very generous, and the 80 lumens of light kicked out is a respectable amount of power for such a small device. It is worth noting TouchPico has an in-built speaker, which is good enough for Skype sound, and the internal battery, which it is claimed should last for 2.5 hours of screen time.

 TouchPico (1)

Think of the TouchPico as a Samgsung Galaxy smartphone with a built-in projector. TouchPico can stream activities from your phone, PC or Mac. You can download any app from Google Play store and use as normal. Because TouchPico has an independent Android system, it is almost as powerful as your smartphone.

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Also, TouchPico is packed with the latest technology. It features an SD memory card slot so you can expand the storage, built-in Wi-Fi, wireless mouse support, an HDMI output and audio output.


TouchPico hits Indiegogo and has become one of the most popular Indiegogo projects. The Indirgogo campaign started in late July. It didn’t take long for its $55,000 initial goal to be exceeded. If you are interested in, snag one for the early-adopter’s price of $350!

What do you think of this new gadget? Share your opinion with us in the comment!

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