Ultimate Lumen Jacket: Kickstarter Original Project

Whether you’re in the market for a water resistant, glow in the dark, or ultra flash reflective jacket, the makers of the Kickstarter original product, the Ultimate Lumen Jacket, have got you covered.

The campaign itself, which is nearly half-way funded on Kickstarter, presents consumers with three options for modern, stylish, efficient, and even protective (safety) jacket options.

Here was the strategy behind the jacket line according to the makers themselves, “3 jackets designed for travelers & commuters who wants to make your travel beyond ordinary.”

All three of the jackets include the following features before being differentiated by their main purposes:

  • Mesh lining for ventilation
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Magnetic earphone outlets located on the left chest side
  • Invisible seem back pocket with 8 1/2 inch opening for storing necessities
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So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the products individually.

The Shadow Jacket

The Shadow Jacket’s main feature is water resistance. The material of the Shadow Jacket completely repels water and keeps travelers warm and dry. If you live in a rainy area, you may want to invest in the Shadow jacket (opposed to the alternative options). It’s polyester stretch fabric combined with a water resistant membrane creates the “ultimate” combat to both water and wind.

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The Ghost Jacket

As given away by the photo, the Ghost Jacket’s main feature is it’s ability to glow in the dark – not bad for a coat! The Ghost Jacket is perfect for night-time travelers, bikers, and walkers who can now be more readily visible to passing drivers, avoiding potential danger. The Ghost Jacket is a great way to stay safe during travel, while also enjoying the jacket’s other built in features.

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Last but certainly not least:

The Olympian Jacket

The Olympian Jacket’s main feature is it’s ultra flash reflective fabric! Like the Ghost Jacket, the Olympian Jacket is an excellent product for night-time travelers or runners. The Olympian Jacket is also water resistant, making this the best option of the three if you find yourself in the dark or caught in a storm.

Photos featured in this post are official photos from the Ultimate Lumen Jacket Campaign on Kickstarter.com.

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