Unique Kitchen Gadgets

Make cooking fun again with some unique kitchen gadgets! This list offers up some of the best kitchen gadgets that you never knew you needed. Colorful, useful, and refreshing, these unique kitchen gadgets are all must-haves in your cooking space.

Steam Ship Silicone Steaming Lid

We have all faced the issue of a pot top wriggling atop its pot due to too much steam-infused pressure. Sometimes, if you are cooking starches like potatoes or pasta, this can result in the sticky-starchy mess that shows up in the form of a steamy overflow. This steam ship silicone steaming lid by Fred & Friends is one of those unique kitchen gadgets that is both useful and inexpensive enough ($12) to make it a must-have for any and every kitchen. You are guaranteed to use this multiple times and be pleased each time the steam rises out of the “smokestacks” on the steamboat fixture.

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Valek Rolling Pins

These rolling pins will elevate any pastry chef’s game. This Polish design company allows you to create a custom design that will be laser engraved onto a rolling pin. Then, when you roll out any sort of dough, the design is imprinted on the dough. Talk about unique kitchen gadgets! This would not only make a great conversation piece but a fantastic gift for even the most series of pastry chefs. At a very affordable $35-50 price range, consider adding a Valek rolling pin to your kitchen collection.

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Hedgehog Cheese Grater

Amazon.com: koziol (3079540) KASIMIR Hedgehog Cheese Grater ...

Every household needs a cheese grater. Fresh mozzarella on pasta or freshly grated parmesan on a salad can add an extra level of “yum” to your cooking. Make your cheese additions lovably cuter with this hedgehog cheese grater. Although a cheese grater is not unique, this hedgehog falls under the unique kitchen gadgets category thanks to its inventiveness and ergonomic, curved design. For a price range of $10-13, be sure to pick one up soon!

Carrot Peeler and Sharpener

Amazon.com: Carrot Cucumber Sharpener Peeler Kitchen Tool ...

You are never too old to play with your food. Created by the Inked Shop and selling for $16, a carrot sharpener has earned its place in the unique kitchen gadgets. The pencil sharpener-looking gadget looks just like a pencil sharpener, and can peel and sharpen your carrots. Although a sharpener may seem pointless, the shavings from the carrot can be used in pasta, stir-fry, and casserole dishes as a fun garnish.

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Magnusdeal Carrot Sharpener Peeler Kitchen Gadget Tool Vegetable ...

Zipstrip Herb Stripper

Fresh herbs can make all the difference when cooking. However, it is a painstaking job to pick off rosemary, tarragon, parsley, and thyme leaves from the stem. The final addition to this unique kitchen gadgets list has a solution for all of that. The Zipstrip herb stripper allows you thread the stem of an herb branch through a hole in the Zipstrip’s handle, and then simply pull the branch backward out of the hole, allowing the herb leaves to fall into a cup. Voila! Fresh herbs that are ready to use. Plus, the herb stripper sells for an affordable $8, which means it is absolutely a kitchen essential.

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