Wink Relay- Smart home without your smartphone

Relay is the answer to keeping a smartphone.  It's essentially designed to make the common light switch obsolete. With Relay you will be able to control your home from one central location.  This command center controls everything including your lights, thermostats and locks. It doesn’t end there, it doubles up as a Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Bluetooth.

This clever invention runs using the Wink app making it easily connectable with all other Wink products.

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Wink Relay review: This smart switch is an oversized upgrade ...

With Relay’s 4.3″ inch display and a multi touch screen, you can access the Wink app on a custom home screen. For the environmentally conscious out there wink will save energy when it’s not in use. It’s smart enough to know when you’re not around because of it’s proximity sensors. Relay is also clever enough to keep tabs on the temperature and humidity of its surrounding environment.

The smart switches act as replacements to light switches, or can be customized to control the other smart products in your home with such ease. All in one app.

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Tell us your thoughts? Selling at $300 is this something you would consider buying?

Smart home platform Wink has been acquired by - The Verge

Wink is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quirky and the quick and simple way to connect you and the products you rely on in the home. Wink allows you to confidently interact with and operate many different products — all from an Apple or Android mobile device. Through retail partnerships with The Home Depot and, as well as partnerships with everyday household brands, Wink extends the comfort you have with your home products to the smart technology that runs them.

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