The Most Versatile Wooden Play Table for Kids

Have you ever wished that you can have one super play table that covers all the games inside?  Therefore, you don’t have to keep spending money on new toys for your kids or have to do the crazy messy clean up after the play time. So…here comes MUtable 2.0, the world’s most diverse wooden play table for children.

MUtable 2.0: The All-in-One Children Wooden Play Table


  • Adjustable Heights: just switch the table legs to make the table grow with your kids at the same time, all the way up to 8-year-old
  • 5 Colors: comes in with mauve, mint, white, dove gray, and tiffany
  • Organization: there is a specially designed storage bag that you can put underneath the center hole to get everything organized after the fun time
  • Toy Holders: there is the option to attach up to 3 toy holders on the side, storing pencils or small toys
  • The Play Boards: every MUtable has 4 double-side playboards, including the wooden cover, puzzle base, blackboard, whiteboard, Lego Duplo case, Lego classic base, world landscape, and city landscape
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More Game Options

  • Lego Tower: enable kids to play up to 3 different levels of Lego
  • Play House: pretended play is never old, and now it has more fun! With MUtable playhouse, you can have either dolls house or heroes house with 3 floors and 14 different scenes. Dolls house includes a family house, a playground, a kindergarten, and a museum. The heroes house includes a police station, a fireman station, a superhero cave, and a mountain lodge.
  • Board Games: DISKcover Geography, DISKcover History, and DISKcover Fruit & Vegetables
  • Puzzles: includes themes like around the world, happy bathroom, four seasons, ring a ring o’ stories, jungle balloons, and we are the world.
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wooden play table - playhouse

MUtable Kickstarter Price

  • Just MUtable: $208
  • Basic Kit: $307, includes 1 MUtable + 1 toy storage bag + 1 toy holder
  • Starter Kit: $369, basic kit + 1 Lego Tower with 1 scenario
  • Standard Kit: $430, starter kit + 1 silicone cover
  • Complete Kit: $492, standard kit + 1 playhouse
  • Complete Kit Plus: $615, complete + 3 chairs
  • All Games Kit: complete kit plus + 2 toy storage bag + 2 toy holder
  • Mega MUtable: complete kit plus + 3 chairs + 1 table extension

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